From rock star to classical composer, Denver's Kip Winger on growing up in a musical family, heavy Metal highs and lows, writing classical music and what's next | The Denver Podcast

Kip Winger has been down the proverbial road and back. At age 7 he started playing music with his brothers in their basement... and never stopped. His musical path would eventually lead him to New York City to make connections, form his namesake band 'Winger' and get signed to Atlantic Records in the late '80s - right at the end of the heavy metal MTV era. Fame and fortune would follow only to be strangled by a totally unexpected turn of events. Determined to press on, Kip released solo albums through the 90s and continued to tour with his band but behind the scenes was hatching an unexpected plan of his own. After years of training, planning and writing, in 2017 he released his first full album of classical music: Conversations with Nijinsky - which was nominated for a came the collaboration on the Jack the Ripper Musical "Get Jack"...It turns out, Kip Winger is just getting started.

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